How To Choose The Right Juggling Ball

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No two people are created equal, no two juggling balls are created similar. They may all look and feel alike, but juggling with them is a different ball game altogether. Depending on your level of expertise, it is important to choose the right juggling ball that is tailor-made for your palms and fingers. We will show you how to choose the right juggling ball for you.

The Right Juggling Ball Is Out There.

With a variety of juggling balls available, how does one choose the right option? For instance, would a silicone ball be a better option than an acrylic one. Or would a ball that bounces more be better than one with less bounce. We have compiled a list of the various juggling balls available aimed at helping you choose the right option.

Beginner Juggling Ball

The name says it all. One of the best juggling balls for beginners if you have just taken an interest in the fine art of juggling and are keen to explore. This 3-ball set offers minimal bounce and maximum grip. Beginners will find it easy to catch the balls and release them again. The balls are filled with plastic beads that allow the balls to land comfortably in the palms of the juggler. The material has a durable finish with strong stitching. The right weight and size for anyone looking to bring out the inner clown.

Bounce Juggling Balls

The Bounce offers one of the highest bounce ratios that can be found for silicone juggling balls. If you have been juggling for a while and want to take the next step then this is the ball for you. It has a smooth body that allows for fast exchanges. Its weight ensures that the ball does not slip out of your hands while performing fancy tricks. With a 90% bounce ratio, the Bounce ensures top performance every time you juggle with the set of balls. It is available in a variety of colours, enhancing the visual element of the juggling act.

Fire Juggling Balls

Playing with fire acquires a whole new meaning with the Fyrefli. There is perhaps no better set of fire juggling balls that will impress your audience more than the Fyrefli. The best part is that you do not even need gloves to juggle with them. The re-adjustable wick allows users to have a high flame or a low flame depending on their level of expertise. Crafted from a material that is heat resistant, the fire balls make juggling with fire seem like child’s play. That said, these balls are recommended only for expert jugglers. A fuel bottle and a carry bag is provided along with the set of three balls.

Cirque Du Soleil Juggling Balls

When it comes to circus acts, there is probably none better than the Cirque Du Soleil. The same can be said about their handcrafted set of juggling balls. They are made from the finest stretch fabric and their bright colours will light up the sky when throw them up in the air. The Cirque Du Soleil balls come with instructions in a variety of languages on how to perform the perfect juggle. If you are a beginner, an intermediate, or an expert, these balls will make your act seem like art in motion.

LED Juggling Ball

The ultimate showpiece balls for any juggling act. The soft, silicone balls allow for easy catching and throwing. They are filled with plastic beads that allows the ball to sit comfortably in the palm while catching. The LED juggling balls are guaranteed to take the breath of your audience away as they see the balls display a rainbow of colours. Each colour fades in and out as the balls circle each other. The colours are powered by batteries that last a long, long time and can be easily replaced when drained.

Sil-X Implosion

One of the best juggling balls available in the market today. The soft, transparent body of the Sil-X Implosion allows jugglers of various skill levels to perform imaginative and outrageous tricks. Its stability allows jugglers to catch the ball with their feet as well as balance it on the heads. Even if the ball is thrown high with a spin, it does not wobble in the air. Anyone and everyone who enjoys juggling will certainly enjoy the Sil-X Implosion.

2-Way Stretch Ball

Made from soft cotton fabric and reinforced with nylon stitching, the 2-way stretch juggling ball is an ideal accessory for beginners and moderately -skilled jugglers. The soft material of the ball allows jugglers to catch and throw in an easy manner. The balls are easy to clean and come with a long shelf life. You can experiment with various tricks and the ball will not lose its shape or feel. One of the best juggling balls if you have just taken up the act.

Factors That Help You Choose The Perfect Juggling Ball

The level of your juggling, the kind of juggling that you want to perform, and the weight and size of the balls that you are comfortable with are important factors that will help you select your perfect juggling ball. The design of the balls play an important role if you are looking to impress the audience.

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