Callum Bridger Street Unicycle

trials street unicycle

Callum Bridger Street Unicycle.

Introduce yourself. My name is Callum Bridger.

callum bridger street unicycle

Where are you from? I’m from Bathurst NSW.

What made you start riding unicycle?
During high school I was part of a circus program called Cirkus Surreal. My brother was in it when I was in year 6 and brought home a unicycle one day. I eagerly hopped on and learnt how to ride so I could be accepted into our circus in year 7, which I was =)

Why do you do it?
I guess it’s because of how different it is. It’s very challenging and there’s always new tricks to learn.

How many years have you been doing it?
It’s been a “love hate” relationship for about 10 years now.

Most memorable thing someone has said to you whilst you have been doing it?

I’m not really sure about the most memorable thing. People aren’t very creative and usually say the same thing like “lost a wheel mate” or “do a back flip”…. gets rather tedious after a while.

callum bridger street unicycling

What’s so good about your unicycle?
Real comfy saddle = )

What are your Unicycle goals for the future?
Someday I’d like to do a big long distance ride.