Daniel Cheesman Trials Unicyclist

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Daniel Cheesman Trials Unicyclist

daniel cheeseman unicycle trick

Where are you from? Bathurst, NSW.

What made you start riding unicycle? The school that I went to had a circus program and Something not many other people were doing.

Why do you do it? It’s something I have always enjoyed, Trials unicycle gives me my me time and time to clear my head.

How many years have you been riding Unicycle? 9 years, I started in … 2005 ish.

daniel cheeseman rididng unicyc

Most memorable thing someone has said to you when you were on your Uni?
My mother once told me to always wear clean undies, it all made sense when I started to gap big double sets.

What’s the best thing about your unicycle? When I get a brand new part and its nice and shiny.

What are your Unicycle goals for the future? To keep pushing myself with what I can do. Bigger gaps, bigger drops and surprising myself and everyone else with what’s possible on one wheel.