How to assemble a Unicycle

how to build a unicycle

Don’t know how to build your unicycle? Well I’m here to help.

Over the years I have seen a lot of unicycles that haven’t been assembled correctly.

broken unicycle

Here is one main thing that goes wrong.

The wheel is put on facing the wrong way, this causes the pedals to loosen and grind the thread out of the crank. See —>

The cranks, pedals and frame are all labeled with a (L) and a (R) for right and left.

The frame of the unicycle must also be put on facing the correct direction, at the top of the frame where the seat post goes there is a small slit, this is the back.

When building the unicycle pretend you’re riding it so your left and right sides don’t get mixed up.

Once your done check the following.

  • The left and right pedals are on the correct sides.
  • The frame is facing forward. (The slit in the frame is at the back)
  • The thinner end of the seat (saddle) is at the front.

I hope this helped.

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