James BuSTAR Comedy Juggler

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James BuSTAR Comedy Juggler

Introduce yourself. 

“When James was born he was very close to his mother, you could say attached, then the cord snapped, and thats where his Fear of Bungee Jumping came from”
Hi! I’m James BuSTAR, a Comedy Juggler based in Sydney, Australia. Currently I am 26 and next year I will be a year older. I was trained at the Flying Fruit Fly Circus for 5 years until I moved on to Street performing

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around the world, which then moved me on to performing Theatre shows around the world at festivals, corporate events, and lots of cruise ships. I currently work for 7 Cruise Lines and my show usually rocks (especially in rough seas).

Where are you from?

My Mother. Went to the Drive in with Dad, and came out with Mum. Originally I am from the UK, Newcastle Upon Tyne to be exact. Now I reside in Australia and all the Oceans of the world.

What first inspired you? 

I started performing as I have always had a love for circus and acting. When I was younger my parents would always take me to the circus around the corner, and I would sit there in awe of the acrobats, clowns and jugglers. My parents didn’t realise the mistake they made until when I was 14, I turned around and told them I was running away to join a circus. My parents at that time having respectable jobs in teaching and accountancy.
It’s strange though, when I was younger I went though many hobbies; Magic, Acting, Drumming, but Juggling was the one thing that stuck out, although being the most stressful to learn! I never meant it to become a Job, but now I love the fact that it is. I get paid to ‘Throw Up’

Why do you do it?

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University was full! No, I do it because its my passion. Since a young age my parents pushed me to follow my dreams. The one thing that touches me the most is that I make people smile! The major aspect of my show is to do this, everyone’s seen a Juggler, but

How many years have you been Juggling? 
mixing Juggling with Comedy makes them witness something they don’t see everyday, and the opportunity to laugh and forget about daily hassles for an hour and have fun. People need to smile! Whether they are laughing with me or at me I don’t mind, as long as they are enjoying it and forgetting about the worlds issues. To be honest, The best part is when you feel you have touched someone’s heart. Quite recently I had a show where a woman approached me in tears after the show, She mentioned to me that her husband had died 3 years ago of cancer and that she hadn’t laughed or smiled in that time, but that watching my show had made her laugh, smile and be happy for the first time in 3 years.

Currently I have been Juggling for 15 years. I would never consider stopping, until my body breaks and doesn’t want to work anymore.

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What’s so good about your clubs? 
When PX3′s came out I was in love with them. For me at that time, I was a street performer, and doing high throws all the time, and as we know Gravity Happens! My old clubs handles would snap again, and again, and again. But when I started to use PX3′s, I loved the fact that I could drop them, bend them and that they were the most sturdiest club I had juggled!
What are your Juggling goals for the future? 
I would like to continue living the life I do. Not chasing the money, but chasing the passion. Ultimately I would love to eventually have my own theatre show residency or tour somewhere, and also use that to give performance opportunities to other talent to perform and gain experience too. In terms of juggling skill, I really want to keep all my skills to a relevant level for performance and learn some new ones along the way such as Bounce Juggling and others. My biggest interest currently is doing stupid stunts while Juggling, such as Juggling while Bungee Jumping, Juggling Underwater, Juggling on Horseback and more stunts planned for the future.

Website: www.jamesbustar.com