Unicycle Side Mount Tutorial

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Unicycle Side Mount Tutorial also known as leg wrap mounts.

Hey Daniel here, sponsored rider for Weirder the Better. This is our Unicycle Side Mount Tutorial also known as leg wrap mounts.

We are adding new tutorials to our youtube channel and blog so you can learn different unicycling tricks. We will do a Learn how to ride unicycle video soon but we will also be doing much more advanced tricks in the future.

In today’s tutorial we are working on side mounts also known as leg wrap mounts. To begin, you need be holding the back of your saddle with your hand.

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Place your dominant pedal closer to the ground, in my case that is my left side, If your dominant foot is opposite to mine, you will do this with the opposite hands and feet.

Keeping a strong arm, I place my left foot on the pedal, leaning the unicycle out enough for my right foot to hop through. Once you are confident in bringing your right foot through this gap, try using both hands to grab the saddle and do a full wrap back to your starting position.

Again, once your confident in your full wrap, start attempting to land that foot on its pedal, use that momentum to roll to back into and idle or a hop.

Test to see how many wraps you can do in a row and ride away from.

Remember to learn this like all tricks on both sides.

Always wear protection and be safe.

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By WTB Sponsored Rider Daniel Cheesman