Why is David Kochie Koch dressed as a clown?

I entered a competition with Kochies Small Business Builders with the hope I might win one of ten Flip HD video cameras.

david koch at weirder the better

I was getting into video filming and editing so I thought it would be cool to strap to my unicycle or something silly like that.

Well I won one. Part of winning one was for me to film myself in my business to send back to Kochie in the hope of getting on the final episode.

Well I won that as well, thanks to my juggling and dodgy magic tricks.

David came up to Weirder the Better to shoot the last episode for the year for Small Business Builders. It was great meeting him, he is very nice and even has a great dry sense of humour.

We dressed him up as a clown which he took to a little to well and tried to have a serious chat.

He gave me some great business tips and he even had a go at juggling.

It took the whole day from 9:30am – 5:00pm to film about 15 minutes of footage.

david kochie with graham pinning from weirder the better

Watch the video below to see what we got up to.